Custom Pop Art Portraits and Pet Portraits

Celebrate the special moments and relationships in your life!

We all have those treasured photographs which capture the truly special moments and relationships in our lives.

Superstudio custom pop art portraits are lovingly drawn from your favourite photographs. Let us bring your favourite photos to life and make them POP!

Superstudio custom portraits use vibrant pop colours and are a great way to instantly brighten up any room and add that personal touch. They also make unique and meaningful gifts, showcasing cherished moments for family and friends.

They are also a great way to bring loved wedding photographs to life.

See our custom pop art portraits

Animal pet portraits

Superstudio pop art pet portrait artist. We specialise in digital dog portraits and cat portrait paintings.

Love your pet? We create modern and contemporary wall art prints of animals such as cats, dogs, puppies, and kittens from your favourite photos.

A unique and fun twist on traditional pet photographs and photography.

See our custom pop art pet portraits

Our prints

Superstudio custom portraits come professionally printed on Fuji Crystal archive-grade paper for brighter colours and sharper whites. A special matte finish means that the prints are glare and fade resistant and will last a really long time!

Also available as canvas and framed picture paintings. Bring out the artist in you!

How long does it take?

Your custom portrait will take 2-3 days to complete. Once the artwork is finished we'll email you a digital proof so you can check to make sure that everything is ok.


We ship to the US, USA and Canada, UK, England, Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Gift certificates

Yes we offer pop art portrait and pet portrait gift certificates and vouchers! A Superstudio gift certificate lets the recipient choose their own favourite photo for the portrait and is perfect for family, friends, and loved ones.

We can email you a printable certificate instantly and it includes all the instructions on how to get the portrait drawn.

Choosing a photo

The photos which work best for a Superstudio custom pop art portrait are those fun natural ones which have lots of character and personality.

Photos where the subject is being emotive or they are in an interesting pose turn out really well as do photos where there is some interesting detail (eg a hat, pair of glasses, patterned shirt etc).

For us to draw a great portrait, the photo you provide needs to be clear and in-focus and around 480 x 640 pixels or bigger. Photos taken from most digital cameras will work.

If you can't seem to decide on a single photo or you are unsure whether the photo you've chosen is ok then please email us the photos and we can help you choose.

Superstudio custom family & pet pop art portraits from photos Free 2012 Superstudio Wall Calendar Print Download